Monday, February 6, 2012

Choosing Family Insurance

1. Choose a healthy insurance company with a reputation for claim service and a good agent. There are certain health ratios for insurance companies which can be accessed at each portal or portal insurance association.

2. Find a product with the lowest cost, find insurance providers that offer the cheapest product prices for the necessary protection. Alternatively, find the resource (agent) are educated and trained insurance.
With his help, determine the amount of protection required.

3. If you have a need for living expenses when children grow up, pay the mortgage, pay for kids college, purchase a term life insurance. If you do not have the need to pay property taxes, to support school children with Down syndrome at home, continue to support the charity after death, providing additional income for life for the couple left, then buy whole life insurance.

4. If there is no one who depends on you financially, do not buy life insurance. Do not buy life insurance if you do not need, for example, when we were still very young, because we passed a smaller probability.

5. Buy a term life insurance if the need so great but limited budgets, for example to those who have small children. If the child gets older, working parents need to purchase an additional policy. For young families, buy life insurance products that guarantee rejuvenation options contracts based on market developments and the conversion to permanent. Compare the cost and type of protection offered by the insurance of your office work versus buying your own insurance, because there is plus minus according to the conditions of each.

6. Increase protection of your family by purchasing individual life insurance products and not from the office or any other party (if any) for its protection will end (for reasons we are moving work which led to the suspension of premium payments the insured is still alive).

7. Do not compare the cash value of the protection die, because if the expected value of the investment at the end of the period of protection (we do not die) then we are often disappointed at the thought of the cash value will be equal to the premiums have been paid. All you need is to prepare for death protection that provides adequate benefits to the left so as not to create financial problems later in life.

8. Consider which is optimal for you, buy property insurance and credit insurance of bank mortgage providers (insurance companies and the diversification of insurance policies for various needs) or buy an insurance policy that can protect all the needs of those we leave behind. This is because it needs to be compared where the optimal benefit and which ones are most appropriate to use the family left behind when the condition that if there is risk of death.

9. If your spouse also works, you should insure your partner's income potential. If a party who died was a bigger income, then the insured would otherwise cause new problems.

10. Calculate your insurance target, record and list the names and addresses of insurance, policy number, the value of death benefits, the beneficiary, the insurance agent's name and phone, policy effective date, and location of the initial policy.


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